Radio DGH is live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a variety of programmes broadcast throughout the day. Meet our team of presenters below…

Garry Norwood

Involved with Hospital Radio Stations for 40 years, he enjoys presenting Rock ‘n’ Roll Shows’.

Shaun Crowhurst

Presenting the Tuesday Evening Show, every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm.

David Watts

With Radio DGH since 2016, and has been with associated with the radio for 20 years.

Debbie Bishop

Sharing musical enjoyment – particularly the 80’s, with some trivia as well as requests.

Phillip Moon

Presents Showtime and has the honour of being President of Radio DGH.

Mick Funnell

Presenting with Radio DGH for over 20 years, and is currently station manager.

Georgia Hill

Joined Radio DGH during studying Multimedia Broadcast Journalism.

Marc Autonomy

Loves all sort of music, especially punk DIY, with his live show every Saturday at 2pm.

Pam Huggett

Presenting Solid Gold Sunday and Chapel Liason, and secretary.

Mark Pawsey Markymarc

Playing all kinds of music, songs from the attic, ramble across the airways and dedications.

Nicki Watts

Joined Radio DGH about 10 years ago, and she enjoys Rock ‘n’ Roll and continuous knitting.

Roger Dakin

MC, charity auctioneer and speaker who is delighted to be associated with Radio DGH.

Mica Willgrass

Mica Cupcake is our resident Kooky Fashion Blogger and has been Radio Presenting on and off for 10 years.

John Newton

John Newton is the Committee Secretary and a Broadcaster. He Joined RDGH shortly after arriving in Eastbourne in February 2020

Maggie De Monde

As well as being a successful singer in her right, she is a dab hand at doing interviews.