Radio DGH Eastbourne is always looking to increase its membership base and if you feel you could bring something to the station, then we’d be interested in hearing from you. We have all sorts of volunteering roles, including Presenting, Fundraising, Publicity & Marketing, Engineer & IT Support, and Local News.


New members have to be “vetted” by the Hospital Trust. This includes DBS checks and referencing, as you will have access to large areas of the hospital. These are designed to protect both you, the Trust, and the patients. You will also be required to attend an induction course and be briefed on Health and Safety.

So you’ve got through the registration. It doesn’t take long. It can be done in as little as three weeks, it all depends how quickly you produce the documentation required. You’ve got your red lanyard and you’re a hospital volunteer so now begins the training.

Training is conducted ‘on the job’. You will work with a presenter on a live programme. How long it takes is again up to you and your speed of learning. When your mentor thinks you are ready the programme controller will assess you and , if suitable, you will be given your own programme if that is what you want.

For more information, please see our “Contact Us” page, or email our Head of Recruitment directly at