Meet the Team

Radio DGH is live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a variety of programmes broadcast throughout the day. Meet our team of presenters and officials below…

Phillip Moon

Presents Showtime on Friday evening and has the honour of being President of Radio DGH.

Shaun Crowhurst

Presenting the Evening Show, every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm, Shaun is the Programme Controller

Mick Funnell

Presenting with Radio DGH for over 20 years, and is currently station manager.

Debbie Bishop

Sharing musical enjoyment – particularly the 80’s, with some trivia as well as requests and is the station Treasurer

Jacquieline Davis

Jacquie presents with Phil moon on Showtime (Friday 8 to 10pm). A mix of rhythms and lyrics from musicals of our time.

Richard Williams

Richard Williams presents his Monday show 4 to 6 pm, great rock and pop, factoids, trivia quiz, and comedy gold.

Richard Frame

Loves radio so a real privilege to be part of RadioDGH. Live on Thursdays, 10 to12 noon, on the Magic ‘n Mellow Show.

Ray Harding

Ray presents a Wednesday show featuring a mixture of easy listening, some real classics and a “featured artist of the week “ along with a “decade of the week”. The show is called Midweek Music Mix.

Mark Pawsey Markymarc


Stuart Tanner

Stuart looks after the music for the station.

Kevin Turner

From his personal collection he plays songs that you know plus rare ones that will come as a pleasant surprise. Join Kevin every Sunday evening between 8 and 10pm.

Mica Willgrass

Our resident Kawaii presenter, Mica chases those Monday Blues away with her Magic Music show 6-8pm

Richard Smith

Presents the ever popular A2Z of Pop every day at 2pm.

Bob Eagle

On Sundays where the live chapel service used to be Bob Eagle gives us our own Songs of Praise at 5pm.

Jim Stevens

To set you up for the weekend Jim Stevens presents Happy Hour on Friday evening at 5pm.

Adrian Figgess

Radio Luxembourg introduced Adrian to radio in 1959. Now he brings something different to his own show on RadioDGH, The Midweek Special on Wednesday 8 to 10pm.

David White

Currently the Radio DGH Chairman, David is now presenting on Sunday afternoon at 3pm.

Hannah Mason

Presenting on Friday evenings at 6pm. Hannah’s Eclectic Mix is a mix of well known and not so well known songs.

Richard Barnicoat

Has been with RadioDGH since 1986, Richard presents the Golden Hour. His music varies widely but his heart is firmly fixed in the 1980’s.

Damaris Styles

Presents The Damaris Styles Show on Tuesdays 10 to 12 Noon featuring interesting people and the music that helped shape their lives.

James Stiffel

A new member of the team, James presents The Evening

Show, 6 to 8pm Thursdays.

Scott Temple

I love all music. Rock is my favourite but I’m now all about Music that is uplifting. Scott puts this into practice on Wednesday afternoons when he presents his own show, The Afternoon Music Mix, 4 to 6pm.

Felix Osei Asibey

Felix loves all kinds of music and obtains inspiration from it as he believes music has spirit. Even though he was born in the 90s, he likes old school music; especially country music. He is happy to be part of the Radio DGH team.